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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Diving with Mari Mari Sepanggar Island

2 weeks ago, mt friend asked me to go diving with her. I wanted to dive since long time ago but New Zealand Working Holiday happened and various reasons so here I am after 3 years of not diving. 
So I was so excited and woke up super early to go breakfast with my friend Shirley before we go to the Jesselton Point. We are set to depart at 9am and we just check in at counter 12.
Olivia, Shirley, Ivan and I
After a brief boat ride around 20 minutes from the jetty and here we all! All 3 of us are divers.
Ivan is our divemaster of the day and he's awesome!
Besides diving, I also wanted to do something else. Stand up paddling is one of the water activities that you can do here. So I went and try it out. I can stand! Weeee

First dive session is on! So my stand up paddling session was cut short while we went for our second dive.
All 3 of us went on the board. It is quite exhausting to balance yourself and paddle at the same time.
I end up paddling too far away from shore then fell for quite a long time before Shirley noticed that I was missing for a long time. I was saved by the staff on the island. Phew~
Ended our dive on a high note! My diving skill not as rusty as I think. Olivia was really surprised that I was calm during the diving session.
Excuse my flabby tummy XD but I really like the swing! 

My first dive that day, I was too busy adjusting my mask and trying to equalise my ears. I still have a bit of congested nose so it was tad bit hard to equalise but eventually I made it.
Really love the ocean after such a long time!
For my second dive, my weight belt was reduced by 1 so I was not able to descent. Thank God, Ivan saw this and gave me 1 more weight to help me. 
I miss these aquatic life and clown fish (nemo!) XD
I will definitely recommend Mari Mari Sepanggar Island for a day trip. They have a wide spread of lunch buffet too. Hope to visit them soon! =D 



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