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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Festive cheer review - The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur has recently launch Christmas Eve,Christmas and New year dinner menu at their colonial cafe. Together with my friend Daniel, we were invited to sample their festive cheer menu due to Diana unable to make it. 
Our menu that night is a mix of Christmas Eve and Christmas day menu. 
 You may view both of the menu here!

This is considered my first fine dining in Kuala Lumpur and the feeling is quite grand to be reviewing food in a luxury hotel like The Majestic Hotel KL. 
Our plates and napkins for the night.
There are only few tables set up there, around 6 round tables and few long tables.

I can see the sky when I look up.
Hotel rooms and balcony inside the hotel.
Live music playing when dinner service starts.
The design of the cafe is mainly following colonial style and kept as heritage.
round table settings of Christmas and lights.
Eating from outside in. Firstly we had bun with butter which I forgot to take. hehe.
pretty set up in the mood of Christmas

To start off, our prelude is Laurent - Perrier Brut Champagne. 
Champagne to get the night rolling
Followed by Amuse - Bouche - Chicken Liver Crostini . 
Chicken liver is not my preference however the crust is crispy and chicken liver is served cold within the bread.
Starter - Wood smoke infused blue mussel, scallop and salmon avocado puree, micro cress and creamy honey mustard dressing. the pairing wine is  Dourthe N°1 - Bordeaux Blanc. 
I like the mussel,scallop and salmon pair up in this plate. The seafood are fresh and the puree and sauce as just nice. 

My under dressed look, will take note to wear formal or at least a cocktail dress next time. XD
Soup - Cock a leekie 
We had a typical scottish chicken and leek soup which is quite common for me. It is delicious but not much of a presentation on the plate. 
Orange Sorbet - sweet and cooling with orange taste. I think this is like a wash or refresher.

My friend and I had different main course. His is the below Trio's King. 
Trio's King - Turkey breast, sausage in a blanket and herbs stuffing, served with creamy mash, minted mushy pea and red wine gravy. 
The steak is cooked quite perfectly with red wine gravy complementing the dish. The sausage is in a pastry with crispy crust and savoury sausage within. 
The dish is paired with Red wine - Dourthe N°1 - Bordeaux rouge . 
Baked salmon with lemon and dill sauce - accompanied with seasonal vegetables and dauphinoise potatoes. 
as my preference of salmon is raw, this baked version of salmon is ok. however I like the lemon and dill sauce with the crispy pastry on top of the fish which is quite delicious. 
Do try this dish if you love cooked salmon! 
 Christmas pudding, vanilla sauce and white chocolate ice cream. 
I like the ice cream, vanilla sauce and the decoration. The pudding is moist however it is a bit too sweet and sour for my liking. If you have a sweet tooth, you must try this dessert.
Petit fours
Homemade christmas cookies and chocolates 
I love the melt in my mouth white and milk chocolates. Homemade cookies I only took a bite as quite full from the courses before. 
Freshly brewed coffee or tea. 

The service in The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur gets my A+ for always attending to all the guests' needs with waiters walking around to check every few minutes. 

Overall we were satisfied with the dinner and it is a great experience to have fine dining at the colonial cafe. Do make your bookings soon! 

Press release : 
Festive Joy at Colonial Cafe

You can also treat your loved onesto a culinary indulgence in a classic setting as Colonial Cafe presents a special 5-course wine-paired menu. Indulge in classic festive cuisine with dishes such as Lamb Loin Au Gratin, Grilled Barramundi Fillet, Traditional Roast Turkey, and delicious Valrhona Chocolate Indulgence Pudding while The Solianos serenade you with their renditions of classic holiday jingles.

Colonial Cafe’s Christmas Eve Dinner menu is priced at RM280 nett per person or RM 380 nett per person with wine pairing and Christmas Day menu is priced at RM220 nett per person or RM320 nett per person with wine pairing. Additionally, Colonial Cafe’s New Year’s Eve Dinner menu is priced at RM350 nett per person or RM480 nett per person with wine pairing.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

My Top 3 Dream Stays in Niseko, Japan!

Top 1 will be Ki Niseko.
I can't wait to ski everyday here!
This place just spell luxury with home feeling. 
I feel like I'm in a home away from home which is cozy and comfortable. 
The spacious living room for chilling out in the winter! 
The beautiful bathroom and bathtub is a plus point! 

Top 2 Amai Basho

I love to stay in a town house away from busy streets 

Top 3 will be Asahi Lodge

Feels like living in winter wonderland with snow just outside the lodge
Family or friends bonding time in the living room - board games perhaps? 
There's even kitchen and we can cook whenever we wanted to
The bedroom has natural light 
Spacious bathroom with bathtub
Sauna in the house! it's a big plus points. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Short trip to Sapporo!

Why did I actually went for a short 3 days 3 nights trip?

The story is, there was a contest on 29 September, announcement of winners on 30th and the flight on 1st October. So there was no time to think and I just pack my bags and fly. XD
 Many people welcoming us on board
all 3 seats, mine! 
The flight was the inaugural flight to (CTS)Sapporo direct from KLIA2 on a night flight so arrive in Japan time is 8am.
 Night flight and reaching on morning - sunrise on board!

 Kitapyon was there to welcome us as one of the mascot in Hokkaido. We all receive a goodie bag with maps, souvenirs and postcards.
 As the time is still early, I went down to Mitsui Premium Outlet - 930 Yen for a bus ride direct from New Chintose Airport.
One thing to take photograph of - manhole covers
After hanging out until 1.30pm, I walk over to bus stop which is 11 minutes away to ride to Sapporo city.
 Note to self - trust your google map for time of bus. I went way too early to the bus stop. their public transport is really on the dot punctual.
 I stayed in Social Hostel 365 - really a recommended hostel in Sapporo with a cool bar at night. I paid around Rm122 which is the most expensive hostel among the 3 in this area.
 As I reach the town only afternoon, I went to shower and explore Autumn Festival at Odori Park.
 Walked around using just my map and found a really cool clock tower while navigating my way to Odori Park.
 There was lots of tents and first area is about the local produce in Hokkaido and many prefecture local dishes was served here. The food and drinks averagely cost 500 yen to 800 yen depending on type.
 Very cute mascot - Mr Pig promoting pork burgers.
 Temperature in Autumn is around 12 - 19 Celsius and gets colder at night. There's some ice cream and dessert stalls too and many people are eating ice cream in cold weather.
 They are selling something related to Hokkaido milk but I didn't try all because it's quite costly for me.
 Seafood and miso ramen too was served along with Sapporo Beer!
 In the end, I settle for fried chicken (500 yen) and Sapporo Beer (550 yen).
 There was also sake and wine tasting going on. Made in Japan alcoholic beverages.
 Next section is more fancy with wine and international cuisines tents like pasta, curry, chinese food and etc.
 It was also drizzling halfway and I quickly check out all the other stalls/
 I really like that this festival showcase what Hokkaido can offer from agriculture and local produce.
 Autumn with maple leafs are really cute!
 As the rain went heavier, I only looked at Sapporo TV tower from a distance and didn't manage to go up. I detoured and went window shopping in a random mall.
 Norbesa - ferris wheel It was nice to see the colours changing every second.
 I pass by this route everyday when I was there to head to Susukino station which is nearest to hostel.
 First night - I thought this was my last dessert before bedtime - banana milk ice cream.
And then, other guests on hostel which I met from Singapore suggested I go down to the bar. First drink is on the house!
 Cozy small bar with very friendly co- boss O-Chan. He was making the drinks and cooking the whole night.
 The interior of the kitchen and drinks area.
As the night falls, I was getting hungry so I ordered this Jerk chicken with Jamaican recipe and it was so juicy and good with rice. (600 yen) Drinks cost 550 yen to 1300 yen depending on what you ordered. Both English and Japenese Menu available. I also come to know other guests staying in the same hostel. It was a really fun night with lots of booze, party music and shots given by O-Chan.
 With the new friends met last night in the bar, we set off to Nijo Market for some fresh seafood brunch.
 TV tower from the other direction
 lot's of king crabs
 The many different types of crabs
 Cute signboard - Wesley and I as bear and fish. 'please don't eat me!' caption XD
 Hokkaido Melon is really popular with many sold everywhere and made into many food products. We were hunting restaurants to eat in along the way. The guys takes the lead and we went into a small shop located deeper inside the market. Smaller and more hidden the restaurant is, the better.
 We all sat at the bar to see how the food was serve or prepared.
 really small shops can fit like 35 pax ?
 Randomly recorded this crab while coming back from toilet.
 I ordered this 3 in one rice. King crab, Salmon Roe and sea urchin Don. 2180 yen. First time I tried sea urchin and it was nothing to shout about here. King crab and salmon roe was awesome, wasabi is good!
 in case you want to drop by too, the name of the shop above. XD
Some of the other food in the menu.
on our way to Ishiya chocolate factory, we pass by these owls in arcade centre.
many owls inside with different breed. short detour before getting on the subway.
The last subway station where Shiroi Koibito Park is located at  Miyanosawa station.
The park entrance fee is 600 yen and many other souvenirs and food sold inside there.
There's a park with many photo spots and also we get to see how chocolate is made.
Delicious and huge Shiroi Koibito chocolate
The interior is quite European style with many antique and history of chocolate packaging and more
Inedible sugar clay art

There was also antique players and toys museum within the factory.
Astro boy!
Soft serve ice cream - 400 yen!
Sitting in the park to enjoy Ice cream

You may also take a train ride around the park and see these candies
The staff was cleaning the train interior and exterior when we were there.
The leaning tower with 6 person on the right and 3 person on the left to keep it straight.
The cook even ripped his pants trying
Happy Halloween from the Garden of flowers!
Dinner time at Samurai - a recommended soup curry place to eat near Norbesa
I opt for level 6 spicy and it was quite spicy - I had pork soup curry with vegetables.
I end my day with a new hostel - Hostel Khaosan Sapporo. Staying on top level bunk bed.
 Before going to bed, I went out again to buy snacks and beer! XD
Asahi beer to chill!
Stay tune next post for my day trip to Otaru! Hope you enjoy my post!