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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Althea x Get It Beauty 10 seconds mask!

Hey all,

I am now an Althea Angel and my first task is to review this amazing quick and easy 10 second mask!
There are two types of mask, green tea and rose.
Green tea is for night time usage.
Althea Korea collaborate with Get It Beauty to produce this amazing, fuss free, quick and suitable for anyone that needs it.
Rose is for morning.
All you have to do is to put the mask on your face, wait 10 second, apply a little bit of water, make bubbles then wash it off.
Go ahead, get to for more deeds!

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Rainforest World Music Festival Day 2 part 2

Part 2 of day 2, night mode! RWMF night time gets alive with more visitors. 

Back to the Big Tent we have local Sarawakian talents performing.
I believe video tells more than photos.
The really slap themselves hard, like ouch! But for music, their sacrifices are worth it. >< 
Rituals of Aceh. The Saman dance is part of the cultural heritage of the Gayo people of Aceh province in Sumatra. Dancers clap their hands, slap their chests, thighs and the ground, click their fingers, and sway and twist their bodies and heads in time with the shifting rhythm - in unison or alternating with the moves of opposing dancers. A rare and visual treat. (RWMF booklet) 

At this point, the crowd grew by a lot! Almost 8-9k  people I heard. 
Raghu Dixit's unique brand of infectious, happy music transcends age, genre, and even language. His tunes are strongly rooted in Indian culture, well known for taking ancient Kannada poetry and presenting it with a contemporary global sound.
I even learnt a new song from them. Crowd engaging musicians. 

The last show that I watched before leaving will be OYME. Did not manage to catch At Adau as the final show. 
OYME - one of the most outstanding ethno bands of Russia that has become almost a cult, performing ancient folklore of the Finno-Ugric people. Oyme combines rate female polyphonic singing, reconstructing age old rituals with traditional Mordovian instruments, heathen percussion rhythms and modern devices.
I ended my night by visiting my university classmate , Jayson aka DJ Ice Cream. He was performing at Echo Bar for the RWMF after party.
Great catch up with him after so many years.
If you have not read the day 1 of my entry, please do so now. XD
That's all folks! Stay tune for day 3!

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Joanne Kam's Kuching show

Step right up to watch Joanne Kam - One Woman Comedy Special right here in Kuching soon on 24th August 2018 at 8pm @ Chemsain Auditorium. 
Ticket price RM78 RM68 and also group purchase special.
You may check out more information here

So I went to watch her show and this show is special to her because she took 10 years to write this piece and I enjoyed her life story and lessons in her show. Laughing so hard through the show. Opening act by PapiZak , biggest comedian in Malaysia.