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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger, might be a cafe you have not heard of yet, located in The Walk, Riverson. Located at ground floor. 
The cafe concept is a fusion mainly Vietnamese food, Asian food and Western. 
Absolutely love the ambience and decorations in the cafe. 
 Walk into a cosy cafe  to find books and instagramable photos everywhere. XD
Operating hours :
Mon - Fri 8.30 AM - 6 PM
Sat & Sun 11 AM - 6 PM

Big Breakfast 
 As the name suggest, Big Breakfast is really huge portion that you can eat like a King. Love the crispy beef bacon and sausages.
Iced Lemonade (Homemade) RM10
 Freshly squeezed homemade lemonade for a hot day to quench your thirst.
Banh Mi
 This must be the signature food to have in Hello Stranger - Banh Mi! The fillings selections are lemongrass grilled Beef, Chicken or Tofu. We had the chicken version and I love the crispy baguette.
Butter Chicken Linguine
 This dish is oh so delicious, love the crispy butter chicken and perfect to pair with linguine. Every bite are flavourful.
From left -  Butter Chicken Linguine, Strawberry Milkshake, Basil Chicken Don
 Basil Chicken Don comes with a hint of spicy and yet fragrant to go with rice.
Table full of food! 
 Besides food, Hello Stranger also have a wide selection of drinks from Ice Coffee Latte, Cappucino, Milkshakes, Fruit Mix Soda and Tea!
Shrimp Viet Summer Roll 
 This cafe is really suitable everyone, they serve vegetarian food, no pork and also lots of flavour! XD

Viet Cold Noodle Salad - Tofu
 This cold salad is the bomb! Healthy with tofu, vegetables and sweet sauce.
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice 
 The crispy brown chicken katsu match with Japanese curry rice is just yummy! I love the how authentic taste of Japanese curry here, can't stop myself from getting second spoonful of rice with sauce.
Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict
 I love the soft eggs and salmon. Looks pretty too!
Mushroom & Cheese Sandwich
 This sandwich is suitable for vegetarian =)
Japanese Curry Udon

From left : Prestige, Napoleon, Matcha Honey, Ombre and Lemon cakes! 

Be sure to drop by at The Walk Riverson to taste what they have to offer!
Maybe even try those not mentioned in my blog? =D

Many thanks to the generous owner to supply us with a table full of food to filled us up on a Sunday afternoon.

Stalk Hello Stranger on Instagram  & Facebook !

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Harith Iskander's #KitaOK Sabah Tour

Funniest Person In The World Harith Iskander Urges Malaysians To Celebrate The Best of Malaysia in His Upcoming Nationwide Tour
Catch Our Beloved Funny Man at the Celcom Harith Iskander's #KitaOK Live Comedy Tour 2018 this February and March

Sabah, 1 March 2018: Let's face it! The patriotism and solidarity Malaysians share amid tough times are indeed no laughing matter but if there is one person who can satirize typical Malaysian anecdotes and leave its people in stitches, it has to be Laugh Factory's Funniest Person in The World 2016, Harith Iskander. That's exactly what the Godfather of Malaysian stand-up comedy intends to do at the Celcom Harith Iskander's #KitaOK Live Comedy Tour 2018 this February and March - and to remind Malaysians that , above all, #KitaOK as a nation!     

Proudly presented by Celcom, the comedy tour first saw Harith take the stage at the Axiata Arena on 24th February causing infectious laughter and hysterics which will now spread around the country. For those who can't get enough of Harith's homeland hilarities and need additional bouts of laughter can plan a cuti-cuti Malaysia to also catch the tour in Melaka (Ramada Hotel - 9 March), Penang (The Top Ballroom, Komtar - 10 March), Kuching (The Pullman Hotel - 14 March), Kota Kinabalu (Port View Palace Hall, Dewan Hakka- 15 March) and Labuan (Tiara Labuan Hotel - 16 March).

In the early years, through his innate talent of producing and performing humour based on everyday Malaysian way of life, Harith was the first to successfully pioneer and introduce local style stand-up comedy that Malaysians from all walks of life have become fond of. Today, after having conquered the comedy scene in Malaysia for the past 27 years (and that’s a long time), Harith has succeeded in putting Malaysia on the comedy map twice by winning Laugh Factory's Funniest Person In The World 2016 competition and recently releasing a Netflix original comedy special.

In spite of his international achievements and fame, Harith mostly takes pride in his comedy sketches that aptly and wittily capture the unique Malaysian culture as a result of our nation's rich diversity of multi-racial co-existence. It is no surprise then that Harith, in partnership with Celcom, will tour his home ground again to deliver the laughs.

"With new insights on what it means to represent Malaysia on the world stage, my passion now is to unite the rakyat and incite the true meaning of being Malaysian through my signature theatrical style of comedy based on our history, culture and other funny things that make us uniquely Malaysian. I hope the Celcom Harith Iskander's #KitaOK Live Comedy Tour 2018 will act as a clarion call to Malaysians to look at the brighter side of things amid whatever upheaval Malaysia has to endure and to count our blessings for the peace, harmony and of course laughter we Malaysians continue to enjoy," says Harith.

Azwan Khan Osman Khan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Business Operations of Celcom Axiata Berhad said that Celcom is proud to be the presenter for #KitaOK Live Comedy Tour 2018, as it signifies the support and contribution towards solidarity of Malaysians.

“Celcom Axiata embraces harmonious diversity and racial unity and this is the very reason we are honoured to be part of this tour. We believe that Harith Iskander has all it takes to represent ‘1Malaysia’ spirit in his satire, and it shall remind us that it is our unity that has brought us to where we are today and further”, he said.

If there’s one message Harith intends to send out to Malaysians during this comedy tour is to always stay united and to never give up our great Malaysian sense of humour. Staying true to his reputation as one of our national treasures, Harith is ready for the Celcom Harith Iskander's #KitaOK nationwide journey with a mission to bring Malaysians together, once again, through comedy- Malaysian style! To know more details about Harith Iskander and the Celcom Harith Iskander's , please log on to or call hotline: +013 523 1491

CAT A - RM258
CAT B - RM198
CAT C - RM98
CAT D - RM58
  • For shows in other states, further information and tickets are only available through: or call hotline: +013 523 1491


9 March, 8:30 pm            Melaka            Ramada Hotel

10 March, 8:30 pm            Penang            The Top Ballroom, Komtar

14 March, 8:30 pm             Kuching            The Pullman Hotel

15 March, 8:30 pm            Kota Kinabalu        Port View Palace Hall         
                                    (Dewan Hakka)

16 March, 8:30 pm            Labuan            Tiara Labuan Hotel

For more information on the show, please log on to: or call hotline: +013 523 1491

Eating healthy at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Eating healthy can be tough, therefore The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has come up with a guilt-free feast made from wholesome and hearty creations which will take a load off your conscience. 
Couscous Corn Salad
To start off, vegans will be in for a treat with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Couscous Corn Salad which is packed with amazing flavours that work really well together. This is the first time I ever had salad with couscous and I will definitely try it again in future. This conforting Maghrebian dish, choked full of chickpeas, corn, tomatoes and coral salad tossed in apple cider is priced at Rm13.90 while the Grab & Go is priced at RM10.90. 

Roast Chicken Wrap
The Roast Chicken Wrap is made out of large, soft wholemeal tortilla wrap stuffed with juicy all-white roasted chicken, a blend of guacamole, fresh lettuce with a side of salad and Honey Mustard Dressing topped with almonds and raisins. This is priced at RM11.90 and Grab & Go version at RM8.90 .

The Couscous Corn Salad and Roasted Chicken Wrap are only available at the Wisma Merdeka outlet. 
Salmon & Egg Muffin
Looking for something healthy and filling for breakfast on the go - the Salmon & Egg Muffin priced at RM9.90 and Eggs Ben  at RM7.90, available at Wisma Merdeka and Gleneagles are high in protein with just the right amount of carbohydrates. In addition, the muffins are baked in-house by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Chef De Partie Elvin Charles Patrick and his team.
Eggs Ben
Eating healthy  doesn't need to be a boring and bland affair with The Coffee Bean & Tea Lea's Veggie Soup with Broccoli, Roasted Chicken Carbonara and Grilled Red Snapper which are only available at the Damai and Gleneagles outlets in Kota Kinabalu as well as the Bintang Megamall outlet in Miri.
Veggie Soup with Broccoli
Customers are invited to tuck into a tasty nourishing bowl of Veggie Soup with Broccoli which is priced at RM9.90 .Creamy, yet delicate in flavour, this soup is loaded with celery, carrrot, corn, broccoli cooked with a dash of cream and comes with a side of french toast.
Roasted Chicken Carbonara
For something that is quick, tasty and relatively low fat yet filling, customers can opt for the Roasted Chicken Carbonara with crispy beef rashers priced at RM18.90.
Grilled Red Snapper
Demi Chef David Liew said that Kota Kinabalu is synonymous with delicious seafood, therefore the Grilled Red Snapper is a great addition to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's menu. Priced at RM23.90, the dish comes with green beans on top of a bed of mashed potatoes and hollandaise sauce.

"Buying local also means our fish will be fresher and taste better, doing so helps support a more sustainable way of life and better jobs in our local fishing communities," said Demi Chef Liew.
Honey Chicken and Jalapeno Pizza
To top it off, customers can indulge in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Honey Chicken and Jalapeno Pizza priced at RM27.90 which is only available at Damai and Gleneagles outlets in Kota Kinabalu as weel as the Bintang Megamall outlet in Miri.

"Our Honey Chicken and Jalapeno Pizzam artisan pizza, fits into any dietary plan due to the thin crust and toppings," said Maseirzan Gabl @Izan who is the Area Manager of Kota Kinabalu.
Matcha Espresso 
He added that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf aims to improve the well-being of customers by what they eat, Everything is made from scatch - including the sauces and salad dressings - and is free from preservatives.
Matcha Espresso Ice Blended
"Customers can also opt to add RM2 for a cup of coffee or tea, either hot or cold," he said.

So whether you're on diet, a vegetarian or trying to buld muscle, you will find something delicious to eat on The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's menu. All price are inclusive of GST.

Overall, the new menu is specially made to cater for the active and healthy lifestyle in KK. I enjoyed the food very much and hope you would too. Let me know what's your opinions. =D

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