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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Nestlé La Cremeria 1.2L Relaunch

I was invited to Citymall Giant to taste the relaunch of Nestlé La Cremeria 1.2L tub range of Ice cream!

The roadshow
La Cremeria total range was introduce with an improved recipe and better packaging. 
The improved range now comes with cremier texture that melts smoothly and gives a satisfying moment of indulgence. The range comes with an improved packaging with stronger and tighter tub cap lock to ensure product freshness. 
I get to eat the following tub range X)
  1. La Cremeria Almond Pecan Praline
  2. La Cremeria Vanilla Cashew Delight
  3. La Cremeria Chocolate Hazelnut Temptation
  4. La Cremeria Hazelnut Ganache Sensation
  5. La Cremeria Strawberry Dream

Vanilla Cashew Delight! 
I like the vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, cashew nuts and velvety chocolate sauce. The nutty texture with chocolate chip is just delicious!
Next I get to taste Hazelnut Ganache Sensation. It's a Creme Brulee flavoured ice cream with heaps of peanuts and velvety hazelnut sauce. It's quite unique for this ice cream to taste exactly like Creme Brulee dessert.

Almond Pecan Praline
This ice cream is unique because the ice cream based is actually pecan flavoured! I like the almond chunks and velvety swirls of chocolate sauce made both the texture and taste good! 
The La Cremeria brand representative
In conjuction with the re-launch, several roadshows will be held around Malaysia to give customers the opportunity to experience this indulging and satisfying La Cremeria range. Customers has a chance to win some goodies and exciting activities at the booth. Free samplings!!!
The Brand Manager on the left and Sales Manager on the right with the brand rep
LA CREMERIA 1.2L range is available at a recommended price of RM16.89 (West Malaysia) and RM16.99 (East Malaysia) at major hypermarkets and supermarkets. 

It was truly a delicious experience at the La Cremeria Roadshow at Giant Citymall. Be sure to check out their other roadshows for more promotions and contest! La Cremeria FB page



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