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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Sabah Fest 2014

Every year, Sabah Tourism Board will organize a cultural performance at JKKNS. This year they showcase a night with 5 different ethnics in Sabah that are from different parts of Sabah. 
This year's theme is Sabah Fest. A story about how Aki Nabalu comes about and how each of the ethnics worship and way of life was performed on stage.
I'm impressed with all the props and also traditional costumes on each performers. This year they have young children performed too.
This annual show is a show not to be missed. You can see the roots of Sabah and learn something new about the cultures in Sabah.
More impressively, the organizers manage to invite the real bobohizan or respected elders from each village to come perform the ceremony on stage.
Do browse until the end and watch the videos.
Some of the costumes are really nice!
Lots of live singing on stage between the performers too.
My favourite part is when they sing to each other.
I love the colorful costumes and also culture.
Real bobohizan calling back the spirit of a sick person.
The paddy prop was so real!
Aki Nabalu or the Gods
He's standing tall

If you want to see the rest of the photo you can see here



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