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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger, might be a cafe you have not heard of yet, located in The Walk, Riverson. Located at ground floor. 
The cafe concept is a fusion mainly Vietnamese food, Asian food and Western. 
Absolutely love the ambience and decorations in the cafe. 
 Walk into a cosy cafe  to find books and instagramable photos everywhere. XD
Operating hours :
Mon - Fri 8.30 AM - 6 PM
Sat & Sun 11 AM - 6 PM

Big Breakfast 
 As the name suggest, Big Breakfast is really huge portion that you can eat like a King. Love the crispy beef bacon and sausages.
Iced Lemonade (Homemade) RM10
 Freshly squeezed homemade lemonade for a hot day to quench your thirst.
Banh Mi
 This must be the signature food to have in Hello Stranger - Banh Mi! The fillings selections are lemongrass grilled Beef, Chicken or Tofu. We had the chicken version and I love the crispy baguette.
Butter Chicken Linguine
 This dish is oh so delicious, love the crispy butter chicken and perfect to pair with linguine. Every bite are flavourful.
From left -  Butter Chicken Linguine, Strawberry Milkshake, Basil Chicken Don
 Basil Chicken Don comes with a hint of spicy and yet fragrant to go with rice.
Table full of food! 
 Besides food, Hello Stranger also have a wide selection of drinks from Ice Coffee Latte, Cappucino, Milkshakes, Fruit Mix Soda and Tea!
Shrimp Viet Summer Roll 
 This cafe is really suitable everyone, they serve vegetarian food, no pork and also lots of flavour! XD

Viet Cold Noodle Salad - Tofu
 This cold salad is the bomb! Healthy with tofu, vegetables and sweet sauce.
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice 
 The crispy brown chicken katsu match with Japanese curry rice is just yummy! I love the how authentic taste of Japanese curry here, can't stop myself from getting second spoonful of rice with sauce.
Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict
 I love the soft eggs and salmon. Looks pretty too!
Mushroom & Cheese Sandwich
 This sandwich is suitable for vegetarian =)
Japanese Curry Udon

From left : Prestige, Napoleon, Matcha Honey, Ombre and Lemon cakes! 

Be sure to drop by at The Walk Riverson to taste what they have to offer!
Maybe even try those not mentioned in my blog? =D

Many thanks to the generous owner to supply us with a table full of food to filled us up on a Sunday afternoon.

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