Blog Action Day - My Favorite food Kolo Mee

I am proud to take part in Blog Action Day Oct 16, 2011

My favourite food gotta be Kolo Mee! Kolo Mee from Kuching, Sarawak is quite different from other places especially the type of noodle used! We call that ype of noodle 'kiew mee' meaning curly noodle. 

Why? you may ask. I started eating Kolo mee since I'm 3 years old when my family move back to Kuching from Sabah. =)  Can you feel how deep my love for Kolo Mee yet? <3 
My dad told me that my favourite must have food is Kolo Mee everytime we go eat at kopitiam. No matter which kopitiam, my order will be kolo mee! My preferred flavour is the white version. Some people like theirs with char siew sauce which is the red version! 

My currently favourite is still Kolo Mee but recently I tried the fried version and I fall in love all over again! ^^ 
(Will show you the photos next time I eat it =P)
By the way, this post is written in conjuction with Blog Action Day 2011 and the theme this year is FOOD!
I hope you all will appreciate food more and not waste food! ^_^ Watch the video below!
Til then, 
Cutebun <3 Kolo Mee


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