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AirAsia SuperApp Super+ subscription - scam

 Dear AirAsia,  I have my member ID with you since I registered more than 10 years ago and suddenly out of the blue you decide to change my member Id number to a set of new longer ID numbers which then invalidated my Super+ on the account, downgrade my Gold Status to Red and my Bigpoints became 0? This happen since mid July. I am appalled with your customer service that just tend to push the responsibilities around, from regular flight customer happiness agent they said we are not in charge of super+ subscription so go and find their live chat and proceed to close the case.  First time I opted for their live chat also waiting time was super long. Then was asked to provide confirmation email which that email went into junk mail since 31st March 2022. Junk mail automatically gets deleted after 1 month. I already provided previous bookings, id numbers and email but the rep cannot find my pass. So where did my pass went?   Went to live chat with Super+ agent today but takes them ages to wa

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