Why so little remote jobs in Malaysia?

As I worked in remote jobs for almost 4 years now, I have been searching for the next remote job in Malaysia or hiring anyone currently in Malaysia. However the results I got is not shocking at all. There are so little selections in terms of jobs and company that offer remote work. Covid-19 has been with us since 2019 and now almost 2022, still no new remote jobs? How long more does the supervisors/bosses need to monitor employees in the office ? With the omicron infection rate higher than delta variant, why would company risk their employee's lives and ask them go back into the office? 

I have been searching a lot of job seeking websites for remote work and I got the exact same job that I was working for just different HR managing companies ultimately still contracted to the same main company offering that job. When will the job market for Malaysia change ? Will work-life balance ever be a thing in Malaysia? 

Sincerely hope there is such website to group all the remote jobs together rather than on-site jobs hogging all the spaces in job seeking websites. 

I found that most remote jobs only offered to US residents or even neighbouring country - Singapore. If Singaporean can accept remote employees then when will Malaysia catch up? 


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