Tips for First time or returning festival goer to RWMF

 1. Make sure to wear loose and cooling clothing because the weather is going to be hot and slap on some sun blocks too. Bring an extra gym sports attire to join yoga, dance classes. Raincoat if you are afraid it might rain.  

2. Wear appropriate shoes/sandals because if it rains the terrain will be muddy and make sure your shoes can be wash or can walk in the mud. Opt for shoes that are easy to remove so that you can join yoga classes in the afternoon. 

3. Bring empty water bottle, cutleries with you so you can use your own and help protect the environment from single use plastics. The last time when I was there, I am able to refill my bottle from the multiple drink stations on site. RWMF is all about Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. There are food inside cultural village and outside too so don't worry you won't starve yourself.  

4. Check all the timing for the workshops and classes. Some really cool classes like Sape class is a must join for music lovers. I have included the workshop times and dates below for reference. 

Friday 17 June 2022 (day 1)

*Subject to change
Saturday 18 June 2022(day 2) 

Sunday 19 June 2022 (day3)

You may also refer to official website here
5. Check the bus schedule and pickup locations so that you can arrive on time for daytime workshops and night concerts. Click here 
I will also include the night activities below 

6. Prepare extra cash/e wallet money because there will be lots of merchandises , local produce and even spa products. I for one went into this traditional sauna back in 2019. Hope they bring it back this year too.  

Wearing the official Ripcurl RWMF 2019 tee

7. Last but not least enjoy the festival because it will be grand and if you are unable to join in person, you can join the virtual experience too! 


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