Shopping hacks!

Since 9.9 sales is literally few days away, let me teach you some pro tricks I use in my online shopping. 

First step is to sign up at SHOPBACK ,everytime before you go into your shopping apps which includes Lazada, Shopee, Foodpanda and more , go into this app , let the app redirect you into your shopping apps. Once you are in your shopping apps thru shopback redirection, just shop like how you do like normal. 

Why should you do this, you ask? This is so that your shopping can be tracked by shopback so later on they can give you cashbacks. Let me show you how much cashbacks I have over the years

So far I withdrew out already 3 times and some earnings are still counting since the online shopping never stop so the tracking and earnings never stop as well XD 

Next step is to download Lazada app - here 

Start collecting your cash voucher everyday until 11 September then shop on the day itself! 

That purple cash thing, you can get it from daily check ins, and browse partner shops and collect as many as you can daily. 

I did that back in July and I saved this much for my GoPro Hero 10  

Total price I paid with original underwater housing protection case was RM1995.59 way below the original retail price that you buy from physical stores. 

So this is how I shop without paying original price and get cashbacks! 

Happy shopping! 


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