My Christmas 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates, been really free lately and spend my time with the TV a lot.

Went to a countdown event at The Spring Shopping Mall on Christmas Eve!

My cousins and I was there to hang out.

The countdown was so-so, I enjoyed taking photos of the decorations. 
My coursemate, Joyce. 

Trying to create bokeh, kinda fail. =P

Christmas hats everywhere
Fireworks at the end of the countdown
I like this one because it's red! =p

So on Christmas day,  I went visiting. 
Braised duck 

I went to 4 houses on Christmas day and eat, eat and eat that whole day from morning to night. 

Ka chang ma 

Tom Yam soup

Another duck photo - I'm so hungry now looking 

My cousin, Kimberly

A new cousin, Joel. Isn't he cute?

My sister, Daphne

My naughty brother, Daryl

I like this photo. =D

On Boxing Day (but I like to call it second day of Christmas) , I went visiting and again to 4 different houses and eat for the whole day. >_<  This time I'm visiting with my friends.

Below are some .gif image I created and photos taken by Photo Sequence app. Pretty neat app! 

Aunts talking

Cat bites! 
 Calvin's cat doing many actions! 
Playful cat. 

This Christmas is really great with me spending a lot of time with family and friends. I'm so blessed to be able to be with them all this while. =)

The New Year is in another 2 days! Few more post this year and I'm done! =D 
Happy New Year soon! =P 


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