Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) Day 2 Pt 1

Day 2 of RWMF and today I was early to arrive in Sarawak Cultural village because I want to join yoga sessions. 
In my sports attire since 9am XD just to prepare for the 12pm yoga session.
Walking around the market area, handicraft items available along the way to the stage and workshop area.
Locally made crafts. Support the local craft industries when you shop at RWMF
Wood carvings on a piece of cloth, talented artist from North Borneo aka Sabah.
First workshop is the self defense for women by Reuben Yap
I learned a lot that day but I was late so did not try out the moves. haha

12pm at Dewan Lagenda - Viveka Yoga with Alice Chieng PADMA YOGA
I was too busy trying out the yoga pose to take photos. I had an enjoyable session just that I regret not bringing my yoga mat with me, just hard wood floor. Ouch!
After that I wander around the RWMF ground, this time looking at attractions and merchandises sold.
Found a group from North Borneo aka Sabah that made wood carvings on a piece of cloth and it became art!

We have Warisan Sape Telang Usan from Baram that were performing the traditional orang ulu music and dance.

A lot of cool artwork being displayed and for sale here. Just look at the metal crafts.
Visitors can make their own batik here with a fee.
Bags handmade by the penans. Colorful patterns bags.
Colorful clothing and bags up for grabs as well
Beaded necklace, totally a statement piece for any dinner.
The ladies behind the beautiful crafts
Artwork on paper
Handmade cleanser, scrub and etc made locally in Kuching! I met a lot of friends here in RWMF because I have been away for a long time.
Some of the artistic piece placed outside of the market place
Met Natasha from Hitz Sarawak
I randomly decide to visit this booth because nobody seems to be doing that at that time. So I join the guess and win contest.
Guess how many plastic bottles was inside the transparent box - little did I know what happen in the next day. My guess was 56 bottles. I filled up the contest form then go on to other activities.

This is the latest addition to the stage in RWMF known as the Big Tent right at Damai Central
Tim has been asking me to go over to visit him at the booth so here I am. XD
He drew henna for me but I ruined it the second I step into the shower that night. huhu
It is amazing to see these structures/buildings of the people of Sarawak on displayed in Sarawak Cultural village still majestic and beautifully preserved.
The only photo I took of the henna
I also visited the Biodiversity exhibition during the festival which include the sale of LitSara products, Traditional Steam Borneo Herbal Spa, DIY Aromatherapy Station :'Make your own aromatherapy concoction", Foot Spa. I tried the foot spa courtesy of Dony because he just didn't want to use it. 
Got a really pretty temporary tattoo from Erika. =D 

 The hot sun shinning as I walk to the Big Tent
That's it for part 1 of day 2 at Rainforest World Music Festival. Stay tune for part 2 which are the night time performances.


  1. It was nice to see you having a lot of fun back in your hometown!

    1. Thank you. Yeah I had so much fun. Kuching is more happening than before

  2. The wood carving is really unbelievable. With so much talents, it is a shame that not many people know about their arts.

    1. True. They just need platform and stage for them to shine.


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