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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2007 over…here comes 2008…

Many things and events happen in 2007...Both pleasant and unpleasant ones.

I’m happy that in year 2007, I get to know lots of people which eventually became my friends. I’m glad I got a chance to make such good friends. This year, 2008, will be a better year for me. I lose some friends also in 2007, but I believe that things will be better in 2008.

My New Year resolutions are:

  1. Pass all my summer semester subjects.
  2. Improve myself in areas which I’m not familiar with (IT, etc…)
  3. Earn my own salary.
  4. Travel to some place I’ve never been.
  5. Cosplay as many characters as possible.
  6. Watch more anime, movies, dramas, etc…
  7. Be more patient.
  8. Be more considerate.

Will add some more when I can think of more…



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