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Friday, 1 February 2008

Last post with feelings and thoughts.

It’s over.

You are not worth for me.

I guess you won’t have an easy time because that attitude won’t win you sincere and true friends.

I might not been bright when choosing friends but I believe my choice is better. Those rights and all those craps you mention are meaningless now.

I suppose I don’t need to explain my actions and words. I won’t write any of my thoughts like I used to in here.

Switching blog people!!

Have to start growing out of pain and sorrows.

Keep myself jovial.

The world is not going to end because some jerk is out of my life once and for all.

I put in too much passion and feelings in this blog.

So goodbye and farewell to my diary a.k.a. blog.

This day onwards, no more feelings thoughts and mushy stuff.

I suppose I’ll write general things like food and traveling.



  1. poor you..
    i cant say much cos i honestly dont know what youre going through. but yeah, just bear in mind that these things happen in life.
    the rainbow appears after the rain :)


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