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Monday, 3 November 2008

Mafia game

I think the best game when played in group is Mafia. Cards are used to play this game. Numbered cards are citizens. King, Queen and Jack cards are killer, doctor and detective. The number of killer in the game varies with the number of people playing. The game is conducted by a narrator where he/she narrates the story. All people sleep (close their eyes), killer, doctor and detective will wake up one by one after the other go back to sleep. The killer’s mission is to kill all the people in the game until the last three people to win. The doctor will then decide who to heal in each round of the game, the life of citizens, doctors and detective either being save or killed in the game. The detective’s job is to find out who is the killer with the narrator telling the detective the person he/she pointed is killer or not and then he will try to convince the citizens to accuse then try to kill the real killer.



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