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Monday, 9 February 2009

Hanoi Food

Berry something(forgot the name) from Highlands coffee ^_^

Fruit mix eaten with blended ice

"Cha ca la vong" is the name of this dish it's just fish with veggies on a hot pan with special sauce

Beef and beef meatballs on hot plate dip with bread

Pork noodle and the bread mentioned above

Delicious drink (yummy) ^_^

Lunch at Ha Long Bay (Took it halfway eating)

Tea which is serve in all coffee shops FOC

Beef noodle

This is called "Bun Cha". A popular food in Vietnam which people often sits on sidewalk to have them.

"Pho bo" also means beef noodle


Ingredients to make the delicious drink mentioned above.

This is meat rolls.

I have steamboat for dinner on the first night..

And that's all for food in Hanoi ^_^



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