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Monday, 4 May 2009

SAMS welcoming party

On the 25th of April which is a Saturday, SAMS had a welcoming party at Mitsu Shabu Shabu to welcome all the new members to the club.

We had steamboat for dinner. There are fresh veggies and chicken meat for us to put in our personal steamboat pot and we can control the heat too ^^.

Halfway along the dinner, Ian organize lucky draw for all members. The Exco members draw those lucky draws. The prize range from Oreo biscuit to mini anime keychains.

We have a lot of chit chatting during the dinner and new members get to know each other and the old members too.

Towards the end, Carol gave a thank you speech to all members and the organizing chairperson and his team.

In conclusion, We all had fun...^^



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