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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Frustration.....or NOT!

There's this forum I joined since last year...lurk for a while...still in the top 10 post count list..

Was writing complaints for Prom feedback and suddenly people start attacking me...what do you expect? I should write? I write it as it is..if you can't take it...that's your problem...I don't butter coat my words..Suggestions are merely suggestions...there are many ways of doin just need to think outside the box...

I will only feedback if I feel that the event is dear to me..if it is significant for me to care...

You don't know me to judge me...who are you to judge me?Only the God almighty can do so...

Why start a forum and ask for feedback and dislike the negative comments??I did write positive feedback and also appreciate the event organizer...have you not seen it???



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