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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Current state

Currently having mucus, flu and cough + a bit sore throat. Sick season for me =/

Today, I was thinking of you. I thought that I won't see you as we go for different session. But there you are, standing there talking to someone. I guess you didn't see me cause I'm hoping you won't. There, I saw her in person. She's so amazingly beautiful, that's why you chose her. The question I wanted to post to you is: Why are you being unfaithful?

I tend to stalk people a lot. By this I mean A LOT! This must be my investigative nature that I like to check things out online of cause.

I read in a book that men tend to choose wives based on qualities, etc. But when it comes to scandal, cheating or being unfaithful, they tend to choose anyone regardless of size, appearance or anything else they wanted as a partner. Well, I guess all they want is one night stand and no attachment? Anyway, I'll continue my research in this area by reading =)



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