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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Digi 24hours Movie Marathon!!!

There's an event for Digi customers in MBO Spring, Kuching on the 6&7 of November. On the 4&5 was the registration for participants. Only 200 allowed to join in the contest. I was there on the 4th to register, 1hour before the registration time which is 5pm to queue up~

Then yesterday, another queue up session for verifying and allocation of seats for contestants~
I was allocated to the side F2 in Hall 3. The most annoying time was when the facilitators' surveillance of contestants to make sure they are eliminated if they happen to fall asleep. They kept on blocking my view during airing of movies.

8minutes breaks for movies makes us all rush out to toilet. 20minutes for dinner. Rushed down to KFC and takeway a snack plate and I swallow all the food within 10minutes. Timing was so important in this contest.

Although in the end I did not last 24hours but at least I was there half way. 12hours. Got eliminated when answer wrongly for the OST of the movies. In total, I watched 6movies. From action to thriller to romance. Hong Kong and western movies showed. 1st movie: The Time Traveller's Wife, 2nd Movie: Ip Man, 3rd was Pandorum, 4th Triple Tap, 5th was Love happens, last one was 歲月神偷. After that was that eliminating quiz. We are asked to identify the OST played from one of the six movies. I got my answer wrong T___T and was eliminated.

We all got a goodie bag from Digi consisting of 2packets of tissues, phone hanger, Digi Rewards Tshirt, Rm100 Clinique Makeup workshop, and Clinique Starter kit.

I learned something from this contest, 1st is to trust your own instinct. 2nd, have fun!!! 3rd is how to handle time. 4th is to be more attentive.

In the mean time, I shall end my post and add in photos later.



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