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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My view on world

I think that the world is a nice place despite the cruelty of people in many ways.
I want to see the best and the good part of people instead of their bad part.
I kept myself in a cave thinking everything is sugar, spice and nice.
I fail to see those having bad intentions.
Church to me is a safe place for me to interact, express and be bold.
I never thought that some people might not be safe to hang out with.
Although it might be thrilling to do something but it is still not the right thing to do.
Emotionally and physically tired from all the manipulating.
I hope I don't meet more people that have double lives.
It is terrifying, shocking and devastating to know about them.
I still want to help you but this is not the way.
Not this time, not at this moment.
We are all brothers and sisters in Christ after all.
Don't do what you won't do on your own siblings.



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