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Monday, 22 November 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Guess what, Nuffnang is giving out SONY Cybershot W190 to bloggers that blog about UNICEF Stop Child Abuse program!

In this world we are living in, there are many cases of child abuse happening everyday.
I hope child labour will not happen again with the help of education. I feel that children that are not given opportunity to study and need to work for a living is too harsh on their young lives. To stop child abuse we need to create awareness in big corporations that employ child labour just to lower production cost. The disadvantages outweigh the advantages for big corporations in the long run so I urge corporations to stop employing children to work in factories. We as consumer can also boycott products made by those corporations that employ children as labour.

Child prostitution is also a tragedy in third world countries, we need to stop this tragedy from happening by giving more education to the children. Watch this for more ways to stop tragedy. I think that the pain of being trap in prostitution for a child is too much to bear and we need to help them to get out of this cycle. We can say "NO" to child pornography and child prostitution.

Abusing child's right is wrong and we must do something to stop it!!!



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