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Sunday, 19 December 2010

My first blogference

Last night was my first ever event with Sarawak Bloggers. We had a blogference at Starbucks KIA. Lots of discussion going on about the Tommorow's Leaders Summit. We were asked who we want to meet to inspire Youth in Sarawak.I wanted to meet more Women that are successful in Business like Ivanka Trump maybe? Another person I want to meet is Warren Buffet. I think he is successful in business and we can all learn from him and be inspired by him at the same time. His management of organization, his humbleness and talent in business is an awe to the world.
I hope that people that are attending the Tommorrow's Leader Summit can really change the way in politics, social and improve in our standards in Sarawak. I feel that east Malaysia is not fully developed and not given chances to develop just because we have smaller population compared to other states. I believe that when more organization come into Sarawak, more jobs will be created and population can increase as well.
Speaking about the language of the conference, English is still more preferable because it is still the international language.

Anyway, I met fun bunch of Sarawak Bloggers and other people that are involve in the Tommorow's Leaders Summit.

Disclaimer: All the above mentioned are based solely on my own opinion and not meant to harm anyone =)



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