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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Photojournalism Knowledge earned from Alvin Leong

Another lesson learnt from Alvin Leong at the Sarawak Bloggers' Talk
Once again, I would like to thank Willie for organizing this event and also Cyril for speaking and not-to-forget Alvin Leong too! 
Photojournalism in my words is the recording of events via photos.

The 5 Ws to consider when taking photographs
  • Where (is the location?)
  • When (is the event?)
  • Who (is involve?)
  • What (is the subject/occasion?)
  • Why (take photo?)
1.Preparation before the event
     Equipment (light weight/fully equip)
    • Camera body - which to bring? 
    • Lenses - Which to bring?  
    • Media SD cards  Sufficient memory card to bring
    • Batteries - enough to last throughout the event 
    • Camera bag - Backpack/sling

    2. Preparation on the job/outings
    • Research on the case (event)
    • History - Do keep in mind that you are telling stories through photos
    • Understanding (whether the event is an open/closed event) (Do not upload/publish photos that are taken in private events)
    • Knowing WHO's who (Meaning that you identify the identity of the person(s) you took)
    Do keep this in mind:
    General knowledge of the surrounding (this you need to have)
    The story you WANT to TELL!

    Tips on street photography
    3 second rule: Visualisation. Compose imagination. Shoot! 

    Rule of the third: To me it means your subject of desire is at either left or right side of the photo and not in the center.

    4 interesting facts of people in a photography club and why photography club cannot leave legacy.
    1. Battle of the brands: People that compare/debate between brands
    2. Battle of the equipment
    3. Veterans: Old members that are looked up by new members that cannot accept criticism.
    4. People that truly love photography : They follow either one of the three groups above and they become them too.

    Alright, this is almost the end. Before I end this post, I would love to tell you that WPPM is having a promotion for all new members to join. Rm50 only for all categories!!!  For more information, please refer to WPPM website and WPPM Facebook page!



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