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Sunday, 26 June 2011

I'm back from China!

The thought of traveling to many places makes me happy! I've traveled to Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and my latest location is China! I'm so excited to go to China as I've heard a lot about China but never been there.

My flight was from KK to Shenzhen directly which is about 3hours. While waiting in the plane, I secretly took photos! =P

Anyway, on the flight we actually pass by Hong Kong, no not transit =( How I wish!

We arrived at Shenzhen and straight away we start our long journey bus ride to lunch!
Silk cocoons - Still got 2 silk worms inside!

Our menu everyday is more or less the same. We had Chicken (roasted/steamed), Duck(roasted), pork(3 layer/smoked), fish(many bones! lake/pond water type), veggies(pepperbell- they love it so much that it's in our menu everyday), soup(tasteless- salt must be expensive there =P), and etc. The food is always overloaded on the table. We got a spin table and the food is too many to be on the spin table.

One of the HK drama sets.
We visited a lot of places, cruise so many times that I got tired of looking at the scenery, caves - colourful lights, cultural village, Hong Kong drama sets too!
The place where they make 果蒸
Ahh!!Fish eating my hand!

We even watched a spectacular performance known as 梦幻漓江. It combines ballet and acrobatics. Stunning and lively! Too bad no photos allowed inside.
Some of the cast in the show

Lychee is in season here! Ate so many until I had sore throat.
Raining a lot!

All together we've traveled 2000KMs for the whole 8days trip! The one i enjoyed the most besides seeing beautiful scenery is the shopping at 虎门 and also in Shenzhen city! Bargaining is an art and is fun to do in China!
Replica bridge
Shenzhen city
Funny caption! 人人搬屋!

Due to my laziness in uploading many photos in my post, I leave links to my photo albums here and here, here and here!
This is our tour guide. His name is Xiao Zhen(小珍)



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