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Monday, 4 July 2011

BHR Padawan Challenge Part 1

UPDATED: Read about Chai Fung's adventure here!
The first time I heard about this event is through Sarawak Bloggers portal which really interest me because I never been to Borneo Height.

So hmm, I thought this is my chance to go up to enjoy the nature.

Yesterday morning, I woke up super early like 5a.m. to prepare and 5.40a.m. my trekking partner Chai Fung came to fetch me.

So we're off to Kota Padawan and had breakfast before proceeding to the Borneo Highland foothill.

 So this is where we got off from the taxi, nice scenery right?
Our flag off/starting point!
I shall bore you with all the photos taken by my phone now =)
Anyway, at the starting point less than halfway I was struggling to go on in the trek. It was so tiring in my mind and body that I wanted to give up! My partner kept on cheering me on and said: 'Sherrie, don't give up!'. I rested quite a number of times in the jungle. My white clothes are all muddy colour now.
I'm all white in the beginning
During the trek, it's leaping through rivers, climbing through tree trunks, go through a mountain fall, climbing upwards like wall climbing through the mud and walk upwards and downwards. Halfway, there's even rain to help make the tracks even muddier and dirty.
The most rewarding experience for me, is at the Kalimantan Viewpoint! So peaceful and serene view.
If only the time allows, I would have finish the whole track and might even stand a chance to be in the top 15. I'm just too slow to regain my strength! Almost fainted due to fatigue during my mental and physical torture.  

After this we took another route to surrender ourselves off the race.
If you want to see more of my photos, click here~



  1. u make me feel like i shd join next year =P

  2. Ooooo.. You went for the challenge which I've heard about.

    Why don't make all in one post wor? :D

  3. not bad, you manage to finish the challenge. good job! :)

  4. Well done Sherrie! You should had did a lot of preparation before you go for the trekking. Fitness is the most important thing.

  5. @Cyril : Join la join!!
    @ahlost: Cos my other photos still in camera, not yet go develop (I'm using film camera)
    @ladybird: I didn't finish the challenge cos the time is up.
    @Elisha: I shall prep more next time! =D If there is next time.

  6. Very challenging owh. My hubby & I had some unforgettable experience during the challenge. But now become sweet memories for the 2 of us. We will try the Batu Panggah next year :)

  7. @Mygamanborneo Cool!! See you next year!!!


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