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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Pink Lego Camera review

Weee~~ I got this camera through a contest by @mijonju and more details on his blog.

Since many friends of mine including colleagues asked about how I got this camera so I'm going to tell you how.
I saw @mijonju's tweet on a contest and the prize is lego camera so I thought, why not? So the challenge is to search that one photo which is the answer to his question through his thousand photos in his flickr account. I gotta thank @instachad because he find all the photos really fast and I sort of saw his tweet and tweeted the same =P

Some of the photos I took using the camera

The most powerful feature of this camera is the flash! But it was so powerful that most people looks like their nose are missing! XD 
and before I forgot, here a shutterlog of the camera by me~~



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