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Monday, 11 July 2011


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Although I do not know much about the Bersih rally. But I do believe we all want a transparent and clean government. I appreciate the older generations that fight for us - the younger generations' rights.
I want more young people to care about the country they are living in. Don't just facebook, twitter or social networking all day without a purpose. Make your thoughts count!
Please don't say things like: 'I don't care about politics', 'Politics is dirty and boring so I'm not interested', 'If the government don't do any harm to me then I just let it be'. All those statements shows that you are ignorant. Ignorant of how the government and the politicians affect us. Inflation: - We now have salaries that is lower than the real inflation rate and salary increment is forever lower than the inflation rate because the government never report REAL statistics to the public.
Do you feel that we (especially non-bumiputera) are suffering because we the same citizen of Malaysia excluded from the special rights enjoyed by bumiputera Islam? Even the real native, the real bumiputera are excluded for their rights that they properly deserved! Why? Why is this happening?
The slogan I hate most is "1 Malaysia". Why? Because this statement is a lie. It is a show put up by none other than our Primi Minister to the world. We are never treated fairly. Only the majority race in this country gets all the privileges. They become dependent on the government and become lazy because they don't even need to work hard to survive in this country.

I want to ask Malaysia: Why can't all races enjoy the same rights and privileges?
I personally think that abolishing the special rights will do more good than harm. This can force the majority race to work hard and not be dependent to the government and not spend all the hard earned taxes earned from other races whom contributed to the country's income tax! All these years from learning history in schools to graduating from university, I read about how government comes out with different plans to help the majority group but still failed up to today because they never think of sustaining their wealth. In the end, they blame the government again for they become poor.

I feel that too much of our hard earned monies spent on groups that do not appreciate the help and do not do anything to sustain their wealth in the long run. What about us? We the minority are Malaysian too, we pay the same amount of income taxes and other taxes, why must we be treated like a second class citizen?

Why? I'm very sad that our country is so unfair. I wish East Malaysia will break away from West Malaysia because all they do is leech on our natural resources and all the profits goes to the federal government and it never comes back to us. We do not get all the development. All the development only happens on that side of the country. It is as if we do not exist, we exist for the sole purpose of providing natural resources for them to use and to sell and that's it!

I'm only starting my first job after graduation and I can feel the pressure of living in this era is getting harder. I cannot imagine what the next generation is going to become if we do not do something about the country.

Some questions for you to consider: If you do not care about the country and decide not to vote, you indirectly become the bad voter because you chose the ultimate result. If you are already treated as a second class citizen and not utilize the first class citizen right to vote, are you content becoming the second class citizen? Do you suffer from all the inflation, policies and rules and regulations from Malaysia stopping you from getting what you need (e.g. better education, funds to start your own business, loans to buy houses and cars) ? If you do, what will happen to the future generation like your children, niece, nephews and so on? Do you want a transparent government and be able to see where your hard earned money(in the form of income taxes) goes to?

*I'm writing this post solely based on my opinions from articles, news, experiences and etc.*



  1. ey,, u got the point mam..!!! its true what u say..!!! I totally agree if this Borneo land become a Borneo country.. It should be from the beginning.. I guess the development will be that high during this day if Borneo (Sarawak and Sabah) are country,. I miss the old Sarawak flag.. we r under Britain during the colonial period !! Now we can see that the money from Borneo are spend in west m'sia. the development here became so slow.. i just don't get it.. unfair.. corrupted..!!! kinda racist..!!

  2. be the change we want to see :)

  3. If Borneo was a country, Kuching will be it's capital... =)


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