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Monday, 18 July 2011

Red Wine tasting session at Pink Miracle Karaoke

Last night, I went to a event at Pink Miracle Karaoke, Jalan Mendu invited by Rose! So the event starts at 8.30pm according to Rose and so I arrive after that and on the way thinking that I was late!!!

First trial
and so we all arrive about 9p.m. and Eve a bit later.
Both wines. Currently only 2 types available
That night, Pink Miracle Karaoke had a 1/2 price promotion on 3rd bottle of wine and RM50 for the 4th bottle onwards. Normal price is RM80 for both type of wines.  Both bottles are suitable to drink while eating cheese~~ Yummy cheese =D I like the wine with the red label one better. Both taste a bit more to sour and quite dry.
Look at how Kelson lights up the bottle for Foosi to shot
Oh ya, new friend! The guy on the left is Kelson! Foosi is on the right!

Nicely lit bar counter top
I also learnt that wine can smell differently at different angle while holding the wine glass to my nose. 3 different positions all have different meaning. 1st smell from the top of the glass, I'm suppose to smell where the wine comes from but er.. first time doing it so I can't differentiate. 2nd smell which is in the middle of the glass, minerals from that country that produce the wine can be identified. 3rd smell which is the lower part of the wine glass, John told me that the taste or smell depends on how good that person that made this wine is. The smoother the smell, the better it is. *take note I tilt the glass at 45 angle like that*

Eve writing her song but too bad they played it too late
These two again =P
Meet Eve! Isn't she cute? 
This is Rose a.k.a ahlost

Rose wanted to catch Foosi? 
Gladys posing 

Ahlost attempted smoking.....from a....
John, his name if I remember correctly =D 
ahlost smoking a chopstick =P
Heee... I'm here~~ with Foosi
Eve is back with yet another adorable pose!
Eve and me 

Ignore the peace sign behind =P
My purple test tube shot
Gladys and I
Looks like multiple exposure shot but it's someone waving while we are taking photos
Overall, in the end everyone is so high with the songs and all and started to dance! This is really my first time getting all tipsy and in the verge of being drunk drinking wine. It was a fun experience thanks to ahlost who invited me to this blogger review session!



  1. thanks for coming and thanks for the instant updates... <3

    didn't know you moved to this new link.. easier to remember compared to s3 :D

  2. Yeah, I changed my link because it is very hard to remember for others =) Visit me more~~~


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