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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tipster: Street shooting

Tipster: Street shooting (Articles from lomography)

Want to shoot in the street but not sure how? Read on to find out! Street shooting tips I learned from lomo outings and talks in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

One of the first thing I learned from the talk is about preparation. Next is about telling stories through your photos. 
Photo by cutebun
Although one of the 10 Golden rules states that ’Don’t think’ but I do feel that without thinking completely would waste a lot of films. We don’t want to waste films, do we? We do want to capture the best image possible all the time, right? 
Photo by cutebun
The 5 Ws to consider when taking photographs
*Where (is the location?)
*When (is the event?)
*Who (is involve?)
*What (is the subject/occasion?)
*Why (take photo?)
1.Preparation before the event
Camera body – which to bring? (For me I’ll bring suitable cameras according to the location— I brought my Diana Mini and action sampler for my first lomo outing)
Lenses – Which to bring? (If your camera can change lens)
Films- How many to bring? Which to bring? ISO high or low? (I love high ISO so I normally bring 400 or 800 to be able to shoot in low light condition)
Batteries – enough to last throughout the event (for your flash and camera)
Camera bag – Backpack/sling bag
Photo by cutebun
2. Preparation on the job/outings
*Research on the case (event)
*History – Do keep in mind that you are telling stories through photos
*Understanding (whether the event is an open/closed event) (Do not upload/publish photos that are taken in private events)
*Knowing WHO’s who (Meaning that you identify the identity of the person(s) you took)
3. 3 second rule of Street Lomography: Visualisation. Compose imagination. Shoot! This is in line with the 10 Golden rules of ‘Be fast!’.
Of course, my tips do go in line with the 10 Golden rules so apply it too!
Watch this video on my recent outings too

written by cutebun



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