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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Unhappy incident

Yesterday was suppose to be a happy day for me, but incidents happened and it became very unhappy for me.

Woke up with a great feeling and expects the day to be great because it's my special day after all.

Went to work happily after collecting my prizes from the post office.

Not planning to have any party because I'm on  a tight budget and did not plan to go out with friends also only a limteh session after dinner.

So I got home, expecting to go out for a dinner or eating good food at home. I got home early and waited for dinner but my dad asked me to go out and buy my own birthday cake and some soft drinks. So I went out to buy stuff while they are busy cooking dinner. I got home only to find out everyone had their dinner, all the leftovers is for me. To add on, no dinner plate was available as all been used up and was in the sink. So I use the bowl instead. 1st not so happy event.

2nd, I asked everyone to gather at a table to cut my birthday cake and my step mum got annoyed and do not want to come over to the living room (she's in the kitchen that time). So I ask my dad and wanted to proceed with the cake cutting and he said wait for her. In the end, they argued with each other. She kept on telling my dad how unfair he is for paying for my one and only birthday cake while she is the one forking all her money to spent on my siblings' birthday. It's like she wants my dad to not spend a cent on me. He replied to her that no more celebration on anyone's birthday in the future just to be FAIR.

I got so upset that I cried even when drafting this post, I feel like crying. I felt so hurt that all this while I treat them like family and this is what I get for my birthday. She need to pick this very particular day to make my happiest day to my gloomiest day.

In the end, I just drove out and went for a simple celebration with cousins and neighbour. In the original plan is just having a drinking session with them but things turned out like this.

Guess I gotta move on or move out soon and maybe go somewhere far to work. I won't miss them because they don't deserve me even thinking about them.  



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