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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Yuan Carnival Kuching Day 2 Finale

So I was back again to Yuan Carnival at 6pm but I was late so I only caught 黄启铭 Ming! on his last act.  

He's so friendly towards his fans! I wish I can go take a photo with him but being in the media ring, I think it's not appropriate. T_T Anyway, his singing is so beautiful! He's so handsome and tall too!
Next act is Kay! She can sing really high note! *salute* She's so slim and pretty too~ oh yeah, she wore super high heels, hehe.
3rd Act! 伍家辉! Norman told me that he'll employ him during his wedding in the future! >_< He got a really light and relax voice that makes anyone relax after listening to his songs. I can't believe that I listened to his songs on radio and not know it's him. =P He sound exactly the same like in the radio!

You can watch that video for proof! =D
Second last act! Day  dream! A band of 6 guys! Some are really hot too!
I admire their skills and also all of them can sing!
I took photos of the drummer which I think most people will forget. =)

Last act! Desiree with Daydream!

Look at how she sings and she heats up the crowds!

He pose for me *smiles*

The 3 OneFM DJ's that come all the way to Kuching from KL. Kyan, Jane and Nicholas!

Group photos of all the crews!
Last photo of Kyan!
I think NTV7 did a great job for bringing in so many actors, actresses and artist over to Kuching! I'm sure all the Kuchingnites that attended Yuan Carnival enjoyed themselves too! I hope more and more events will be held in Kuching soon! 



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