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Monday, 8 August 2011

Ben's Place @ Pavillion

2 nights ago I meet up with Quachee and his friend Ben at Pavillion for a dinner. This is my first time meeting them.
Real lemons!

The interior


Table topics - In case you got nothing to talk about
 So we are talking a lots of stuff. Quachee mentioned that Gen Y (people born from 1980-1989) are more demanding in the job market, true? I think the Gen - Z are even more demanding. =P Let's see in another 5 years time.
My spaghetti
 My spaghetti is nice with a lot of mince beef!
Quachee's cheeseburger
 Looks so delicious and he finish it in less than 10minutes I think.
Ben's Hainan Chicken Rice
 Our tables are quite close to each other so we can accidentally eavesdrop on others. =P

PBJ drink! Yummylicious!

Green drink? I forgot the name

Love this photo

Huge lamp~ 
 I was testing the camera that night, and keep on taking photos of food. LOL
This is Ben. Some says he's the owner XD 
Credits to Quachee for taking some of the photos~


None of it is mine =P
I had fun meeting new people and it's a nice experience hanging out at Pavillion. Overall the experience, food and drinks are up to par and I enjoyed it! =)
P/S: This is a lazy short post =P



  1. Look good.. end with CHatime drinks..

  2. Thank you! But I did not drink CHAtime =P

  3. Wahh, you lepak with Quachee? Never ask me to join you peeps also :(

  4. owh!!! no wonder looked so unfamiliar lah!!! it's pavillion, not Kch neh...


  5. @Thristhan I thought you were busy at Klang?

    @Kally LOL. So nice lo the place. I had yet to try that restaurant you recommended. =) Let's go together again~


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