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Monday, 22 August 2011

A Day at Chong Choon Abell Road

Was rushing to office one morning and I decided to eat Laksa because it was still early =P
Just a normal bowl of Sarawak Laksa~~ Didn't order the special one
Surprisingly it was not packed! Normally it's packed and you might need to share table with strangers. Do not be afraid of strangers, we Kuching people are friendly =)
Out of focus =P 

3 layer Teh C Peng with a choice of Medium/Large size. Mine is medium

Sarawak Laksa with sambal and lime! Yum! 
If you want to know where is Chong Choon, you may log on to Chong Choon cafe facebook page



  1. errrr i still like the one in Golden Arch =D More milky and thick.

  2. Next time I go there and tempt you with photos =P


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