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Thursday, 4 August 2011

[Updated] Delifrance grand opening!!

Yesterday evening I attended the grand opening of Delifrance at Hills Shopping Mall Kuching thanks to Irene!
We had an awesome time with each other chatting and eating~ =)
Delifrance got a nice ambience that makes anyone comfortable with the soft jazz background music and many pastries to choose from!
I did not take a lot of photos~~ but here are some
Breads and Buns

Reception table - 2 pretty ladies 

Delicious looking choco cake!

Mango Mango


Our starters - Cranberries bun and croissant 

Main course - Tuna & luncheon meat sandwiches

Desserts- Jelly cake and chocolate cake

LO FI photos ahead! All taken with Lego camera ^_^ 

Yien Yien and Ahlost!

Fellow lomohunter/blogger



Gerald! Rocker hairstyle

Yien Yien

Rose aka ahlost! Huge eyes? ^^

Adrienne and Mike

Hot Chocolate!

Fahriee very blurrr

Apple juice!

Ordered 2times for Hot chocolate! =P

That's all folks! We had fun, are full and felt fantastic!



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