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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Fantasy Premier League for BPL (Sarawak bloggers)

I can't believe that I actually join the Fantasy Premier League by the encouragement of Sarawak bloggers contest! Hehe. Read more about the contest here!

Alright here's how my team looks like
I actually selected my players randomly and based on looks in the first week. I did score a 57 I think. =D 

This is also the longest contest running and BPL giving away Ipad2 monthly for most scored manager and grand prize is a trip to watch Man Utd v Chelsea live in an all expense trip! 

Anyway, join the league now and join in the Sarawak blogger fantasy league for additional prizes before 20August 2011! Do register as a Sarawak Blogger so you are eligible to win! 



  1. 57 points???

    damn, u scored more than me!!

  2. I think so. U can refer to the photo above. It says overall points is 57. hahahaha


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