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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Guinness Arthur's Day!

Got this from Guinness FB page

The other day, I flew all the way to KL again to attend Guinness Arthur's Day launch at The Beer factory at Sunway Giza Mall. The last time I did flew over was April for JW event =P
Photo credits to Henry

At first the party was boring because I know no one there and was bringing my luggage with me. Quite troublesome to go around. I actually went up and down that stairs just because I have nothing to do and there was no seat upstairs. 
Elaine Daily and another guy as host!

Aimlessly walking around. 
Meet famous blogger Ken! Photo credits to Henry
Thank you Ken for sending me to The Curve. =)
Meet @kmhork87 that won passes from me =)
He's the first person to spot me that night while the other bloggers that I know was there yet. Must be I look exactly the same like my display photo on twitter. LOL
My mistake -forgot to wind the film again
This is Amie! Pretty right? Was testing out my ring flash for the first time too!
Prema Yin performed that night too!
So cute animal's costume play by CSBTea

This is Henry!
He looks exactly the same like all his photos. LOL. Macamlah he edit his photos. XD 
Thank you for bringing me around for a day =) 

I was going off early that night also because He MIA and I can't find him.. huhu.
Ken and Isaac!
Sorry for the unexpected shots! I love taking natural photos. XD Blast them with my flash! 
Alvin Wong on the left and Samantha and xiangcool on the right
I also meet some new bloggers but I forgot their names. Sorry =/ Mostly introduced by Henry also.
I'm like writing a feature post jor...

Henry and I 
I also met new people randomly as we are sitting in the same table!

Photo credits to Henry
By the way, the real thing is only going to happen on 23 September! I still thinking to go or not. hmm~~ Arthur's Day concert - with international artist line up?
Cheers to Arthur!
Let's see if I have enough to go for another trip to KL or not. hmm... 

Lastly, the food provided was quite nice although I did not try all. =) Freeflow of Guiness stout and only drank 2 cups. Bitter >_< 

My KL trip day 1 on 4 August 2011.

p/s: Do go and like Guinness Malaysia Facebook page too!

Guiness is giving away Exclusive passes to see Taio Cruz on Arthur's day!!!

Date: 23 September 2011 (Friday)
Time: 6 pm onwards
Venue: Speed City KL, Selangor Turf Club

(click here for location map)



  1. Your name's Arthur as well! No wonder you're right at home. Nice to meet you ya that night. :)

  2. You should tapau some. hahaha.

  3. Cool! Met so many famous bloggers!

  4. @Isaac Nah. I change my name because it was required to win the passes =P

    @Elisha How to tapau? They give plastic cups..

    @Merryn Ya lo. Famous bloggers. LOL


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