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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The La Sardina camera

Remember my last post months ago on La Sardina camera?
Now it gets better with the new bundle package! 4 in 1 with a flash too! It's cheaper to buy in a bundle!
The whole set!
I really want to get my hands on them! It looks like a real sardine can which works as a camera!!! It's a film camera if you're wondering. 

Product Description

The La Sardina cameras are just so hard to resist. With four different vintage-inspired designs, fun-filled escapades await the would-be owners of these wide-angle wonders. Together with Fritz the Blitz, Lomography’s most powerful flash ever, dull moments are kept at bay with this collection. Whether you choose to shoot conventional frames or experiment with multiple exposures, you’ll never run out of analogue possibilities.

Unique designs. Exciting features. Limitless fun. Get the La Sardina Deluxe Kit now!

Additional Information

FeaturesPackage includes:
- All 4 La Sardina Cameras: El CapitanFischers FritzeSea PrideMarathon
Fritz the Blitz Flash and 4 colour filters
- Special open-spine book
- Instructional poster

Price is US$ 254.09 equal to about RM 754. Rought estimation if buying online. 

Do you think this camera is awesome now? It will help you starts conversations and keep people wonder about your camera. =D 

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  1. awesome la!! i wanna have one lomo camera too!! xD

  2. So pretty, so cute hehe...

  3. looks like a pretty cool & awesome set of lomo cam there! would like to have one for collection though im not a film shooter :)

  4. @Jiayeen Hehe
    @Awang If I get to win one then I'll let you play
    @munkey But u still a photographer. =P

  5. I want the camera too. Hope that you win it ya.

  6. @Tristhan I hope so too but my votes are currently losing out


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