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Monday, 15 August 2011

[Updated]Magnum4D Cowboy and Alien Movie night at MBO Spring Kuching!

Just few weeks ago Magnum4D Facebook page announce that they are coming over to Kuching for a movie screening to reward their fans. I only saw their post on the second day and quickly email them for a chance to win few tickets to the screening!
[Update: New photos from Magnum FB page!]

After registering, I waited anxiously for news from Magnum4D and then forgot about it. =X Sometimes, went to check their page to see if there's any news. 

So while I'm in KL last weekday~~ XD I received a call more like 2 calls because I didn't get the first call from Kendrick! Tonight then I know he personally called every single winner! *salute*

I know by now you want to see some photos so... *drum rolls* 
We are the first 3! Rose, her sister and me!

Meet Kendrick! 
He's the most active guy in the team~~ jumping up and down? *Just kidding* Super friendly and cute too!
US! =)
I was actually at Spring since 7pm while tweeting and waiting for them to set up~~ *super kiasu*
I came straight after work! hehe~
The early birds~~ 
 They confirm are the first 25 people to gets special Magnum4D Ang Pows.
Rose and Angel!

Getting stickers!
 We even have a photo session right beside the registration counter!
Look at the number of zeros behind that Jackpot prize!
Overall, I enjoyed the movie because of the crowd:- Many friends are in the same cinema! Rose, Gerald, Foosi, Jun Fook, Amelia, Angel and Yong Lim!
Family photo~~ =D 
Updated photo from Magnum FB page!
I forgot to tell you to LIKE Magnum4D Facebook page too to get more updates! They are going nationwide!

Looking forward to the next Magnum4D event in Kuching! Stay tune, they are coming soon! =P 



  1. lol. whoots! their plan really works! coz now i only knew that their jackpot goes up to 25mil. LOL

  2. 25Million? Wow, must buy number this weekend wei :). The movie must have been good.

  3. Movie is ok for me. thrilling!

  4. I'm sure the movie screening was really a success! oh btw did u snapped the pictures with ur dslr?

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  5. I didn't bring my DSLR to work that day. Was delayed at office: Food tasting. Then go straight to cinema =/


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