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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Project Jelly lens

Jelly lens and how it works. Do refer to the link. 
Would anyone be interested to do it with me? I can lend you some of my lens ^^  if you're in Kuching =P

I wonder should I do this project since it's more on a local project using jelly lens to shoot with film cameras like UWS, Aquapix waterproof camera or any analogue camera that can fit the jelly lens onto the camera.

It would be fun to compile everyone's photo and make it into a lomowall! =D 
Or just slide show of the photos would be nice too~ 
Sample of my photos from the lens:


  1. Use 1 or more jelly lens attached to your film camera lens (if possible/if not then it's handphone camera) and shoot. 
  2. Develop that roll of film and scan it
  3. Send to me your digital copy so I can compile it

Any suggestions and comments are welcome. =)



  1. can you show how it work?

  2. Woah! You've got so many jelly lens there! All with different effects?

  3. Yup! I bought the whole set =) The heart and star shape lens was not really obvious the effect


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