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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Simple outing with cousin

Was out last week with Amelia to Novus and somewhere in Stutong.
Amelia again. My butt! XD 

干贝粥  a.k.a scallops porridge that cost us RM12 for 1 bowl!

I'm taking my sweet time taking photos and she's starving!

After that outing, we went out again for Captain America. (I know, I know, I'm super duper outdated) The movie is awesome! Supar nice! Below are photos taken prior to the movie. We love photoshoot but shy cos so many ppl
 Amelia trying on funny glasses

 Me and my phone on twitter! =P
 Stop and pose for a while
Her turn on the phone but she listen to music instead.
That's how we spend our dates together~ lalala~~til next time!
See you in the next post! ^_^
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  1. looks like a pretty nice outing there :) Thanks for putting my blog on your blogroll, have done the same! XD

  2. LOL. Outing is just simple.

  3. Looks like you girls had fun :). The scallops porridge looks tasty.

  4. Next time u can come here to eat or just cook it urself! ^_^

  5. is that filling? eating porridge? I dun like porridge as it is so not filling :D

  6. Not really cos we shared the portion. It's a supper so we didn't eat full. =P

  7. Oh ! I love the pictures taken. cause im in it :P

  8. =_=""" Okay... Pretty or not?


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