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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Coral Flyer - swing from one island to another

It's been so long since my last trip to Sapi Island. I'm here for the coral flyer! 
Used to be the longest zipline in the world in between islands in the past 3 years I think.  
It's easy to get to the island, just purchase your tickets at the Jesselton Point. It should cost less than RM30 for 1 island. You will need to pay RM5 (RM 20 for foreigners)
Sapi island is normally for divers to come to dive/ learn to dive.
Snorkelling also an inexpensive activity to do here.
The Crystal clear waters! #VitaminSea XD
Out of the many activities on Sapi Island, I chose to take the most adrenaline rush one which is the Coral Flyer. Do make booking in advance if you are with a big group.
Activity time starts from 10AM to 3.30PM.
Coral flyer is quite affordable compared to other activities on island. One of the top things to do on the island!
Tandem is available too for RM98.
I brought my phone with me this time in a waterproof pouch.
There's zipline on the map!
Standing at the platform ready to go!
My video is a bit shaky because my phone is in the pouch the whole time.

Group photo! Impromptu outing~
I enjoyed the zip across the island. It just goes zoom and I'm there. Felt less than 1 minute to cross.
Do follow them on Coral Flyer 
Call 019-883 7341 



  1. lately I notice you very active in diving...thats cool enjoy life to the fullest (Tina)

  2. Thank you for visiting. Would love to dive again whenever possible. XD


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