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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Time for a weekend getaway~

Weee~~ it's not exactly weekend getaway but it includes weekdays too~ =P

Tomorrow will be the day I take a plane over to KL for the second time this year!!! (Crazy dy, go KL like flight ticket very cheap liddat)

Anyway, gonna attend the Arthur's Day launch party~~ Time to rush from Airport straight to the venue~~hope the transport fees won't cost me a bomb!

Gonna update you all about my trip soon enough! Excited!!!! Hope can meet bloggers in KL too~~ Tweet so much until become bird oso haven't meet them XD

P/S: I haven't even pack!!! So gonna pack tonight! =) See you soon~~~



  1. hahah! i last time like once a month fly to kl! xD

  2. Have an awesome trip Sherrie!

  3. @Caroline That time u got Eric yet or not? =P

    @Eli Thank You! =D


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