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Friday, 19 August 2011

Today is World Photography Day!

19 August is World Photography Day!
Submit your photos as part of World Photography Day (Source: Uncle Awang)

Did you go out and take a lot of photos today?
Join up here: and submit photos between 19 and 26 August
Upload your photos now! =D

I remembered the first time I held a camera was when I'm young and using film cameras own by my dad.

My first lomo camera was the Aquapix waterproof camera! I bought it this April.
I <3 this photo the most! It's my first best photo =)

This is taken by my Diana Mini camera =)
Now go out there to snap some memorable photos!



  1. Happy photography day !!! .

  2. wow! dint know that today is world photography day! but sounds cool! :D

  3. i tempted to buy lomo camera for myself too! as the boyfie too! lol! right wat shud I get.. hurmm.. :p any recommendation??

  4. @Caroline U can go to photo section and browse thru which kind of photo u like then u check which camera took it. =) The best way is to know what effect u wan =)

    @Awang Happy world photography day to u too!


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