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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Will Pan live in Spring!

*Warning picture heavy*
Last week on the 20th August I went to see Wilber Pan!!!

This was the day before the stage set up~

A few kind friends helped me and Joyce to line up for the FREE album!

They waited for few hours before the album arrive 
Ivonne, friend and Mel

Us self portrait shooting. hehe

Games session and Joyce was up against the fan club member
Amelyn and Wilson giving out goodie bags
Will Pan and dancers on stage!
Everyone suddenly got excited and screams!

Game session

Autograph session
I get to shake his hand and watch him from up close. See how close we can get? =P
My album and signature too!

Sorry for the crappy photos >_< I was blocked and camera cannot focus properly with people waving their hands in front of me. 

If you wish to view more photos, please go to Cutebun page to have a look!
You can view other videos at my channel 



  1. He very the handsome and humble too! We all melted~~ <3

  2. Whoa lots of photos, but nice sharing leh :)

  3. Thank you =P I can't take decent one though... blocked here and there..

  4. wah u sangat enjoy oh... not bad but not as good looking as me! LOL

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  5. @anne He is charming!
    @clevermunkey Ok. The next good looking guy is u ok? =P
    @toninkush Pretty and talented =P


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