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Thursday, 29 September 2011


On the 23rd of September, I went to an  ABSOLUT in Collaboration with Borneo Ink to Reinforce Creative Arts in Sabah press conference and event.
This event is a first of its kind to be held in Malaysia what more to say in Kota Kinabalu city! Read on for full coverage of that night's event!

The Press Release

The Entrance to B.E.D.
Don't mistaken B.E.D as a real Bed. It's a pretty happening club for party goers in KK!
'Antu Gerasi' design by Eddie from Borneo Ink
The story behind the mask:

  • Tattoo has a long history in the land of Borneo. The tribal tattoo is known to represent the social status, rites of passage in the tribe and also signifies protection. 
  • 'Antu Gerasi' or known as the 'Head of Demon' is the traditional mask drawing on shields by Iban - one of the indigenous groups in East Malaysia.
  • The larger circular eyes and mouth bristling with fangs are invested with powers to ward off evil spirits.
  • Today, 'Antu Gerasi' represents Iban culture and is a popular art in various designs ranging from decorative items, drawings, tattoo, etc.
My favourite part going to Press conference =P
Stick this car sticker and you get a chance to win an ABSOLUT bottle for free! Too bad I'm not driving that night =/
Cocktails! New mixture! Some taste like barley and some taste gingerly spicy. 
A model full of airbrush paint
This one taste like Ice Lemon Tea with ABSOLUT in it. =D
Cute waiter that serve us food
Eddie David
Eddie was featured in National Geographic documentary, 'The Vanishing Tattoos of Borneo' in 2006. How cool is that? By the way, he spicializes in both traditional and modern western designs so those of you in West Malaysia, you can book him for one =)  

The 'Antu Gerasi' Tee that we all have! hehe. 
When you buy a bottle of ABSOLUT in participating outlets in KK, you can get a free 'Antu Gerasi' tee! First in Malaysia! Get yours now! 

Kiki Loo - Pernod Ricard brand executive

Pretty model!

Eddie posing with several other models~
Now he's happy posing with Mandy Nandu and pretty model.

We get to pose with him too!
A group photo of all of us that attended the press conference. There's 3 colours of 'Antu Gerasi' tee for you to get!
Charlotte and yours truly with 'Antu Gerasi' mask

Alfred got himself a free bottle just by putting on the car sticker! Awesome right?
Catwalk with Airbrush tattoo by models
Party hyping with DJ Eva T!
See her in action!

Lastly we got ourselves 'Antu Gerasi' air brush tattoo too!



  1. COOL event you had there!!! OMG!! Can I have some arts on my hips too.. LMAO!! XD

  2. @bendan If you don't mind showing your hips to the guy doing the Air Brush tattoo =P

  3. Cool event...i like tattoo design but i dun like the idea of having one on my body...LOL on shirt then can...haha

  4. @Eric The one you can get is on shirt lo =P


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