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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Day 3 in Taipei

Today we followed a halfday tour around the city attractions.
First destination
National Arts and Theater centre

National orchestra and music centre 

It's a pretty hot day and you can see my eyes are not open wide. LOL. 
CKS Memorial Hall (If not mistaken)
We're given 25 minutes to snap and go!

Last photo before leaving this place is a cute telephone booth!

Second destination
Army marching
The tour guide said that these army are chosen based on height and physical health. Those 175cm and above and have healthy bodies will be selected to undergo 2years training as Army by compulsory. 

They actually need to wear the uniform as shown in the photo in all four seasons! They cannot move even an inch during duty and I can see them sweating like mad under the hot weather!
The tour guide said they are pitied because being an army is not easy and it's a tough job.

Can you imagine that they stand on duty for half day everyday under the hot sun, rain and cold weather for two years? 
Please be considerate when you see them and don't touch or disturb them while on duty. =)

Third Destination
Back to the tour van - The cooling aircond~ 
This is a place where they sell local LinZhi , deer baby meat? and royal honey jelly. 

They say that this place is a national effort to help one of the tribes in Taiwan. Surprisingly their language is quite similar to Malay in some part like: "Laki" The rest I forgot already. Hehe. They are selling all the products. There's even SK-1 lol. 

Fourth Destination

National Palace museum
Some of the artifacts are interesting and are from China! The sculptures and jades are pretty small and detailed. *Sorry no photos because no photos allowed in the museum*

Last destination is free time~ 
Beef noodle from Mirama food court! 210 Yuan for set meal
Yummy or not?

Fellow Malaysian tour buddies that worked in Singapore ordered these
Huge Squid! Less than 200 yuan~
Ah Weng's Bento 

After lunch it's time to go to  δΊ”εˆ†εŸ” and before that I saw cute cakes!

Here we are at our destination! It's a fashion street! 
KLC anyone?
Is this what Doraemon like? Taste quite dry
Bought a frame that I like~ LOL.Many youngsters in Taipei loves to wear them
Funny sign board! If you get the joke. lol
Main reason why this dog pose for me because I'm eating a sausage. =D 
It's so fluffy I wanna die~~~ So puffy dog!

From the last post I did suggest you to use the MRT card aka debit card for 7 Eleven as well! This is how the card looks like! This is the day I know how to use the MRT! After that expert in using liao =P

Dinner time again! 

Went back to Xi Men Ding just to have dinner. LOL
Dumplings! I like the fried ones better =P

That concluded my third day in Taipei! Not as happening as you think la. LOL. It's a shopping trip after all~~ =D 

Please check out the top right photo and click on it to vote =) 
Thank you for reading! 



  1. LOL at the picture of smiling you and the guard with the serious expression. xD

  2. @Oridusartic LOL. He has to maintain his expression for his whole shift.


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