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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Have you ever?

Have you ever like somebody but never seem to have the courage to confess?

Have you ever confessed and got rejected?

Have you ever wonder what's it like to lead another person's life?

Have you ever challenge yourself to do something out of ordinary?

Have you ever dream of becoming famous?

Have you ever love someone so much that it hurts?

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?

Have you ever feel content with your life?

Have you ever get jealous and hurt yourself in the end?

Have you ever play with fire?

Have your ever wish your life is like playing the Sims game?

Have you ever made someone you love cry? 

Have you ever think about ending your life?
Have you ever thought what will happen in the world after you're gone?
Have you ever think of going back to being a child again?
Have you ever wonder what happen if you chose another path instead of your current one?

I want a danbobo =P So cute and yet to lonely.

Photo credits to taken by awesome blogger Oridusartic 



  1. great pictures! love how you put in the captions to each picture too! n yes, i have wondered about a lot of things. =)

  2. @Joel Photo edit and caption is not by me =P only the Have you ever part is what I really wrote

  3. love the "have you ever..." part :)

  4. @Camy thank you
    @LiewCF swt. Thank you =P

  5. Interesting,thank for sharing.

  6. Have you ever play angry bird before? :P

  7. Waaah thanks for the featuring. :D

    I recommend Mini Danbo if you want to buy a Danbo action figure.

  8. @Awang hehe. Thanks for visiting
    @Clevermunkey I don't believe you =P
    @Kian Fai Ever la. Who never play Angry Bird? =.=
    @Oridusartic Mini Danbo? hmm~~ sounds interesting

  9. Hey babe, who's the cute little fellow la? You just made him famous :)

  10. @Thristhan It's Mini Danbo! =)


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