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Monday, 26 September 2011

Hennessy Artistry KK White Room 2011

Guess what? I finally get to experience Hennessy Artistry last Saturday! The event was massive!

With line ups from Reshmonu

DJ Roxy June
DJ ROXY JUNE show us she can fly =P 

and lastly DJ Reeve that hype the whole party!
DJ Reeve behind. LOL

But before that, we are greeted by lovely ladies educating us the art of mixing Hennessy V.S.O.P. drinks!
She taught me how to mix my citrus drink and my mum had Hennessy Apple =P
One part Hennessy then ice then two parts Apple juice!
My Hennessy Citrus drink
The music mixer! Fun to play with!
Move the blocks around for different sound and loudness
The view from VIP/Media/Blogger area 
Tracie is so pretty right? 
Charlotte, Tom and yours truly! We party hard!

Met meitzeu and she's pretty! 
That night's offer! RM500 for two bottles of Hennessy V.S.O.P.!
Met the most happening KK bloggers!  
We pose with the Emcee and Cassie too!

I enjoyed the party and only leaving White Room at 2am! LOL. We just can't stop dancing to the music! Charlotte says she's home at the dance floor that night! =D 
Hope I got another chance to party with the Sabahan Bloggers again! 

My bad habit of putting tons of photos in my post but to show you how happening must put mar =P



  1. I went to White Room once. It's awesome. =D Next is Hennessy Artistry Halo Party of 2011!!

  2. @jfook Awesome lah the party! Wish I can go attend Halo Party!

  3. Awesomeee!!!!! :D And thank you for the compliment and tagging!!

    Gonna work hard on my post soon. :P

  4. awwww! ur so sweet! :D yes, come back and tell us! we'll go out partying yet again! <3

  5. I said this is Char's post and I think it's only fair if I repeat it here...

    ROOOOOOOOXY JUUUUNE!!!!!!!! Heart!

  6. @meitzeu Hehe. I had fun! =D
    @Charlotte Yeah! we have to!
    @Daniel LOL. U sure love ROXY JUNE
    @Rolling Fumbling Thug Yeah!


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