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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hennessy Artistry KK White Room

Gosh I'm so excited that this time round I'm in KK for Hennessy Artistry! Was planning to go last year but was too late to attend so this year is a MUST for me to go!

I did pray that this year HA will be during my trip to KK and God really answer my prayer and this year I got a second chance to go!
This time round it's at KK White Room, Times Square~ 
From what I heard from KL bloggers, HA is an awesome event not to be missed! So here I am! Just 2 more days to go! 
Check out all the videos below!

HA party at Penang!

Hot Thailand Female DJ I wanna see~ LOL

DJ Reeve!

Not forgeting Reshmonu!

Did you notice that all the performers for the night has names that starts with 'R'? I wonder why but I'll find out soon! So see you all there KK peeps! Say hello if you see me! =D 



  1. Wow! Look fun weh!

    BTW snap more nice nice picha with ur D7k :)

  2. @Jessy I did! =D
    @Joshua My dad took the D7k so pichas will be stolen or from compact cams. =/


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